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Svitlana Nikolaychuk, Radical Living Coach

Area served: Greece (Worldwide by Phone and Skype in Greek, Russian and Ukraine)

Phone: +306977973619
Email: zetaniks@gmail.com

When she got hold of Colin Tipping’s book «Radical foregiveness» she was so captivated that she bought several copies to share with her friends before even getting halfway through. Jill’s story fascinated and moved her igniting her curiosity for more insight.
The more she read the more enlightened she felt. Tipping cites an » Institute of Radical Forgiveness » in his book, which offers training in his «Radical Forgiveness» method. As ther was no branch of this institute in Greece, she followed her calling all the way to Ukraine in order to attend a training seminar there. Her life changed ever after.

Personal statement: I am truly grateful for having trained in Colin Tipping’s method “Radical Forgiveness” and his plethora of tools which enable me to help people to embrace a new self.

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